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Born in the alluringly gritty surroundings of the Ruhrpott in Germany I grew up around filmsets and photoshoots, a camera always in reach.

For 10 years I've been working on numerous narrative and commercial productions as well as broadcasting sports and music events. In 2019 I've directed my first award winning short format drama as part of my bachelor thesis at SAE Institute and went to pursue my passion for aesthetics and composition by professionalizing in colorwork and cinematography.

To this day I've been able to build a network of highly skilled specialists in every branch of the film industry to tackle creative tasks of any kind. Since my first days in the business I've been known as a problem solver, always having the greater picture in mind to envision each task as yet another challenge to beat.

Today I can gratefully say I convey stories through my compositions for a living.

So what story are we going to tell next?

@ Frederik Mordhorst

You are aiming to visually boost your film to the next level?

You are looking for a reliable ally to tackle your next creative challenge?

Your current masterpiece is missing some professional grade colorwork?

>>> What next?

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